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TWO talk to us about their Futwora font, a reimagining of the classic Futura (Read more)

TWO talk to us about their Futwora font, a reimagining of the classic Futura (Read more)

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My favorite habit: Write three positive things about today →


I’ve been talking about this habit a lot recently and I thought it deserved its own blog post. It’s a really simple thing you can do to change how your brain scans the past. Rather than scan for negative, you’ll start scanning for the positive things, the little victories that you had throughout…

8 Different Daily Journals You Can Start Today | Lift - An App To Achieve Your Goals →

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The reaction of Buenos Aires to the penalty shoot-out of Argentina against the Netherlands.


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Clock Thomas Hammer United States


Thomas Hammer
United States

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Productivity tip: Take a 30 day Improvement Challenge →

One of the interesting ideas I came across on improving life is taking a 30 day challenge for improving something. The idea is that this 30 days will give you enough idea if the thing you are trying to improve is pleasurable and workable for you in the long term.

Here is how it works. Pick…

5 Steps to Mindfulness →

We are all hyper connected- multiple laptops, smartphones and even tablets. We hardly let an hour go by without staring at a bright screen. It has changed the way our mind functions. Our mind now is more occupied with staying in touch. It is more about reacting to things and that is why we are not…

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No more zero days →


You set a goal - Losing some pounds. Finishing that long paper. Or finishing that video lecture. You set a deadline - “I am going to finish this paper in a week.” Yet somehow you don’t. You do it with much energy for a couple of days and then something comes up - that party, a “short” nap or that…


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